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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I reserve a hunt? 

A: To reserve a hunt please give Mike a call at 740-575-2733. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation, the balance is due 30 days before the hunt unless arrangements have been made to pay on arrival. If paying balance on arrival, balance due is in cash only.

Q: What are my chances of killing a big mature buck?

A: This question is one of the most popular asked questions we get.  We do our best with the knowledge and tools we have to put you in a position to not only see but to kill a buck of your dreams. However, there are a multitude of factors that come into play when hunting wild animals. Weather, wind direction, scent control and the knowledge and skill of a hunter, are only a few that come into play when hunting these animals. It is impossible for us to say you have a 100% chance of killing a mature whitetail but what we can say is we will give 100% to make sure you have the best chance. 


Q: When is the rut? 

A: The rut usually starts mid-October and goes to the end of November. This can change from season to season based on weather. 



Q: When is the best time to hunt in a season. 

A: This answer varies from week to week. Some believe the rut is the best and only time to hunt. This is true to some extent because the bucks are chasing, and it can make a hunt very exciting. You can see bucks come from all directions at any time of day during the rut. However, early and late season have also shown to be very successful as well. The deer are easier to pattern and predict during these weeks. The bucks tend to hit up all of our food and water sources at a more predictable pattern during the pre and post rut weeks. So, the best time to hunt whitetail here is simply a personal preference. 

Q: How many bucks can I shoot?

A: Ohio only allows 1 buck per hunter per season. 

Q: What size of buck can I shoot?

A: We have a 125" minimum here at CCO. If you are unsure of what a 125" buck looks like, we have a lot of size variation examples in our lodges with the size listed on each one. 

Q: Do you have a separate room I can store my hunting clothes/ gear? 

A: There is a garage or exterior room located at each lodge/ cabin to store clothes and gear to keep separate from the sleeping and eating quarters.

Q: Do you have targets for sighting in and practice shooting?

A: Yes, we have an archery target at each lodge and cabin. There is a public gun shooting range a few miles from our lodges.

Q: How far will I be hunting from the lodge?

A: Our farm locations vary from a few minutes' walk from the lodge to a 20-minute drive and everything in between. 

Q: What happens if I shoot but we do not recover the deer. 

A: This is a gray area and will be decided by Mike on a case-by-case basis. The usual rule of thumb is.. if you draw blood and we do not find your deeryour hunt is over.  

Q: Do you use a dog for tracking deer. 

A: We have several dog trackers we use on a regular basis if we are unable to find the deer on our own.  If a dog is needed for tracking, there will be a fee from the tracker which can range from $500-$600 depending on the tracker. This is the hunter's responsibility.

Q: Can I shoot a doe?

A: We have a limited amount of does that can be shot on our properties. We do allow a doe to be a taken on a case by case/ week by week basis and usually require a buck to be taken first. Please check with Mike before booking a hunt if taking a doe is something you wish to do. 

Q: Can I use a crossbow?

A: Crossbows have become the most popular form of hunting implement at our place. The accuracy of a zeroed in crossbow makes for a very confident hunter and being confident in your weapon is key to a successful and fatal shot. 

Q: What does my hunt include? 

A: Your hunt incudes the use of our ladder stands and or blinds on one of our pre-scouted private land farms. (All of our stands have burlap around them for concealment, a shooting rail and pull up ropes for your weapon.) Lodging at one of our 2 lodges or cabins is included (bedding and linens are provided). All meals are included in your stay. Tracking and field dressing is included but not meat processing. If you are interested in having your meat processed, we have a local butcher a few minutes away.

Q: Can I bring alcohol?

A: Yes, you can. We take pride in what we do and just ask that are lodges and our time is respected and that your goal is to come here and hunt and not to party. We do not under any circumstances allow drinking before or during hunting. If we feel at any time your drinking is a nuisance to camp, we will ask you to refrain from drinking and/ or leave.

Q: Should I tip the guide and cooks?

A: Tips are not required but appreciated If you are happy with the service we provide. The average tip for your guide is 10-15%. The average tip for the cooks is $100-$150 per hunter.

If you have any other questions please feel free text, call, email us or fill out the contact form by clicking HERE .


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