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Coshocton County Outfitters Lodges and Cabins

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Actual Aerial Photo Main Lodge From 1976

Main Lodge Now

Where is Coshocton, OH?

Coshocton is a small city nestled in the rolling hills of East Central Ohio where the Tuscarawas and Walhonding Rivers meet to form the Muskingum River. The City of Coshocton Ohio, a community of approximately 11,000 residents located about one hour Northeast of Columbus in East central Ohio


Location, Location, Location...

Our hunting properties are located on multiple different private farms located near and all around the Woodbury Wildlife Area. Woodbury consist of 19,000 acres approximately five miles west of the city of Coshocton. Access to the area may be gained from a number of state routes including 16, 36, 60 and 541. State Route 541, which runs east-west through the center of the area, provides good access to a series of county and township roads.

Woodbury Wildlife Area features a free Class A shooting range with 48 shooting benches less then 1 mile away from our lodge. We also have 3D targets set up outside of the lodge for bow hunters to sight in their archery equipment.

(Shooting range is free but you must purchase permits for the range where you buy your State of Ohio hunting and fishing licenses (they are not sold at the Shooting Range).  

Main Lodge


4 Bedrooms with a mix of Queen size beds and multiple sized bunk beds. 2 full bathrooms, full kitchen, large dining room with seating for 20, large living room with recliners and a big screen TV with DirecTV.

This lodge has a story....


"We searched for the perfect property for 2 full years before finally finding it in June of 2014. We originally had intentions of finding land that we could build a home on and then find a location for a lodge nearby. We totally lucked out by not only finding the right property to build a home on but also had a large 1900's farm house on it, that would be transformed into the lodge. - Mike


"With Mike's background of over 25 years in construction, it was a no brainer to transform this amazing old farm house into the new lodge. When we found this farm we were so excited to get started on the renovations. It had been abandoned for over 3 years and was a complete mess. But for us it was a gem because we are big "antiquers" and this rustic old house was the perfect project for us." Teresa 







This home was owned by only one family and was passed down generation after generation. The DePalmas traveled back and forth between NY and OH to restore it to its original state. After 6 months of renovations, Mike and Teresa brought this old girl back to life.

This farm house has so much character, with all of the original doors, trim, cabinets and floors from the early 1900's. If felt like such an accomplishment and it was a lot of fun to work on.  


"I remember a few days before we closed on this property, we were walking through the house, which was trashed by bugs, animals, water damage and everything else you can think of... the daughter of the last owner, which had passed several years before, showed up with her husband to mow the lawn. We told her our plan of renovating it to its original state because we saw so much value in it. She had a tear in her eye, along with the most shocked look on her face. She couldn't believe this house, she had known her entire life, was not only not going to be knocked down but was going to be restored. That made us feel like it was definitely the right choice for us and we were proud to be bringing back the beauty in this old girl." - Teresa 


We have before and after pictures and videos at the lodge for hunters to be able to learn more about the history, of not only the lodge itself but the area of Coshocton as well.

Lodge details....


  • The lodge has 4 bedrooms: The bedrooms consist of twin, double and queen size beds to accomadate couples and singles.

  • There are two full bathrooms, one on the main floor as well as one upstairs.

  • There is a full kitchen.

  • Large dining room with seating for 20.

  • Family room with large flat screen TV with Satellite and DVD player..

  • Wifi

  • Washer & Dryer in the basement.

  • Full freezers to store harvest/meat until departure.

  • Large garage with benches and hanging hooks to store de-scented clothes and gear.


2nd lodge "Schoolhouse"
It is located next door to the main lodge. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and a full kitchen. Sleeps 9


  In addition to our main lodge and cabin, we now have what we call "The Schoolhouse" (the reason is in the history explained below). It is located on the neighboring property to the main lodge. It has 4 bedrooms with multiple sized beds, 2 full bathrooms, a full kitchen, and the living room is loaded with recliners and a big screen TV. Just like the main lodge, it also has a double car garage set up for your gear and is deer processing ready.

The HISTORY: This lodge started as a 1 room schoolhouse that was built in 1835. Donley School was in operation until 1933 and was located just a few miles from where it sits now. In 1935 it was sold at auction by the county along with 4 other abandoned schoolhouses to provide funds to the county's school district. The family that purchased it, moved it to the land where it currently sits and made many additions to turn it into a home for their family.We purchased it from them at the end of last year and have made many renovations and upgrades to turn it into an amazing lodge. While doing the renovations we also wanted to preserve its history, so we removed some of the walls inside that were covering some of the original exterior walls of the schoolhouse. If you have been to our main lodge it's no secret we love history. For that reason it was no question that the renovations had to include, restoring it's history.


Cabin (4-6 person)

 Built by Mike and Teresa in the summer of 2017.

1 Bedroom with 2 twin size beds, Loft with 4 twin size beds, Kitchen, Full Bath, and Big screen TV.

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Mini Cabin (1-2 person)

Located on the same property as the "Schoolhouse lodge".

1 room cabin with 1 twin bed in the main area and 1 twin bed in the loft space. Cabin has a full bathroom and a TV with DVD player. 

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