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Coshocton County Outfitters Hunting


Coshocton County Outfitters is located in the heart of prime whitetail and wild turkey country. Coshocton County is one of the top deer harvesting counties in Ohio.  We offer guided whitetail and wild turkey hunts. Our hunting areas are 50% woodland and 50% agricultural consisting of corn, beans, wheat, and hay. This provides the whitetail with a plentiful, high-protein food source to develop good quality antlers. It is not unusual to harvest whitetail from this area that score from the 125 to 180 class. We have a 125" minimum.

How Your Deer Hunt Will Go...
Our whitetail bow hunts are 5 days. Our gun hunt is 7 days. You will arrive the day before your hunt begins (on Saturday or Sunday). Our guides will introduce you to your hunting area, and assist you in getting set up for a successful and enjoyable hunt! All of our hunts are fair chase, no enclosures. There are no guarantees of a harvest when hunting fair chase wild animals but we have done our homework and will put every hunter in a spot that we feel will give them the very best chance to harvest a trophy to be proud of. The deer are here, so all we suggest is.. Be Still and Stay Alert!!!

Early season hunts are afternoon hunts only. (The first few weeks of October)


In the event you shoot a deer, we ask that you stay in your stand and text your guide. Between the two of you, you will decide when it is best for you to come down and the guide/s assist in tracking your deer if necessary.


All of our deer hunts are semi-guided, which means you will be shown your stand or blind on the first day and will drive yourself to and from your stand each day, lodging is provided and all meals are included. Recovery and field dressing is included. We also have freezers for storage until you depart. If you wish to have your harvest fully butchered and processed we can take you to the nearest butcher to do so.

Daily meals consist of a continental style breakfast (pastries, muffins, fruit, cereal, coffee, etc..), a sandwich style lunch and a full course hot dinner.  If you have any specific food allergies or request, please let us know prior to your arrival so that we can make necessary changes. Lodging includes all bedding and towels.


All hunters in camp will be required to have and carry with them a valid hunting license, along with the proper species permit/tag in order to hunt with us. Antlerless permits are not allowed in Coshocton County. To harvest a buck and/or doe an either sex tag is required for each. Here is a link to the Ohio DNR website where you can read all the current Ohio laws as well as order/print license and tags online or to look up locations in Coshocton on where to get them. OHIO DNR.

There are several sporting stores as well as Walmart to get hunting supplies if needed when you arrive (10min. away).

If you need special hunting assistance, such as a special type of stand or location based on mobility or anything in that nature, please let us know prior to arriving at camp so we can make the necessary arrangements.


Turkey Hunts...


This area is also well known for the Eastern Wild Turkey population. Our spring turkey hunts are a 3 day semi-guided. We will take you to and from your hunting area and provide a pop up blind to use if needed. Lodging is included. Meals are not provided during the semi-guided spring turkey hunts. We have a full kitchen in the lodge for you use. Including all appliances. So you will need to bring your own food.


 Current hunting license and permits will be required to hunt with Coshocton County Outfitters.



Food Plots

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