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  • Coshocton County Outfitters Saftey Guidelines


It is important that you review and understand all safety procedures:


  • Respect others and their equipment.

  • Alcohol is prohibited in the field or before or during hunting hours.

  • Persons who have been consuming alcohol or who are under the influence of drugs are prohibited from participating in the hunt.

  • All shooters are responsible to immediately correct any unsafe conditions.

  • If you observe any unsafe conditions, report them immediately.

  • Shooting is only to occur in authorized areas.

  • Never shoot at a target that you cannot clearly see; never shoot at a sound.

  • Never climb a fence or obstruction with a loaded weapon in your hands.

  • Before climbing into the treestand, confirm that it is securely attached to the tree and sturdy.

  • If you are carrying rattling horns, use caution that you do not carry them into a tree stand in such a way that if you were to fall, you would land on them and be injured.

  • You must wear a safety harness. There are no exceptions!

  • Do not carry your weapon into the tree stand as you climb; you must use a lift rope.




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